Sri Muniswarar Temple, Perai,Penang

ஸ்ரீ முனிஸ்வரர் ஆலயம் , ஜாலான் பாரு, பிறை

இந்து சமய / நன்னெறி வகுப்பு

நமது ஆலயத்தில் திபாவளி பண்டிகைக்கு பீறகு இந்து சமய / நன்னெறி வகுப்புகள் விரைவில் தொடங்கப்படும். ஒவொரு ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை பிற்பகல் 2.00 முதல் மாலை 5.00 வரை இலவசமாக நடைபெறும் மேற்கண்ட வகுப்பில் கலந்து கொள்ள ஆர்வம்முலவர்கள் ஆலய குமாஸ்தாவிடம் உங்கள் பெயர்களை பதிவு செய்து கொள்ளும்மாறு கேட்டுக் கொல்கிறோம்.

இன்பமே சூழ்க ! எல்லோரும் வாழ்க !


Hindu Religious Class And Tamil Class will be conducted by the temple at its premises. The Classes will be conducted every Sunday from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. The classes are free and is open to all age groups. Light refreshment will be provided. Those who are intrested, please register your name at the temple.
Thank You,
Temple Management Council

Package Price

Package Price
One (1) Goat / ஆடு RM 2,100.00
Two (2) Goats / ஆடு RM 3,310.00
Three (3) Goats / ஆடு RM 4,510.00
Four (4) Goats / ஆடு RM 5,700.00
Five (5) Goats / ஆடு RM 6,900.00
Six (6) Goats / ஆடு RM 8,090.00
Seven (7) Goats / ஆடு RM 9,290.00
Eieght (8) Goats / ஆடு RM 10,480.00
Nine (9) Goats / ஆடு RM 11,670.00
Ten (10) Goats / ஆடு RM 12,870.00
Eleven (11) Goats / ஆடு RM 14,060.00
Twelve (12) Goats / ஆடு RM 15,260.00
Thirteen (13) Goat / ஆடு RM 16,450.00
Fourteen (14) Goats / ஆடு RM 17,640.00
Fiftteen (15) Goats / ஆடு RM 18,830.00
Sixteen (16) Goats / ஆடு RM 20,020.00
Seventeen (17) Goats / ஆடு RM 21,210.00
Eighteen (18) Goats / ஆடு RM 22,400.00
Nineteen (19) Goats / ஆடு RM 23,580.00
Twenty (20) Goats / ஆடு RM 24,780.00

*Please note that terms and condition and price quoted are subject to change without prior notice
*மேற்குரபட்டுள்ள விதிமுறைகள் மற்றும் விலைகள் அனைத்தும் எந்த முன்னறிவிப்புமின்றி மற்றபடலம்.


  1. Pooja date set by devotees. Devotees can choose lunch or dinner padayal. Per day there are two padayal available that's lunch and dinner.
  2. The package comes with Mutton Curry, White Rice, Two Vegetable Dishes, Sambar, Banana Leaf, Iced Syrup, Ponggal Prasadam. 2 Medium: Size Garland, 2 Small Garland, 4 Pattu, Kappa Roti, Cigar, Dried Fish And ½ Bottle Stout.
  3. Food serving is the responsibility of the devotee.
  4. Food prepared for one (1) goat can be consumed by +-80 people.
  5. For Night Poola we will charge extra RM 100 as night over time charges for workers.
  6. Also avallable Fowl Pooja, Suttan (SEVAL PADAYAL) and Vegetarian Food (SAIVA UNAVU)
  7. There is No Goat pooja on Friday, Pradosham, Amavasai „Pournami and Hindu auspicious festival and prayers.
  8. Upon booking minimum 50% must be paid as booking fees.
  9. Balance payment to be settled 3 weeks before pooja day. If fail to settle the balance payment three weeks before pooja date, pooja will be cancelled.

Please note the following rates are not included in the package and have to pay separately.

  1. Ear piercing for every Individual is RM 51.00, Only 5 seer varisai plates are allowed. Nadaswaram and Melam can be arranged for goat pooja padayal and ear plercing provided the availability of nadas and melam group. Fees to be allocated on function day.
  2. Cost per curry chicken is RM 28.00 minimum to order 5 chickens.
  3. Cost per 'sambal' chicken is RM 30.00 minimum to order 10 chickens.
  4. Strictly, no urumi melam, tappu, thappatal, smoking and drinking alcohol in the temple compound.Alcohol served to AYYA cannot take away

For Your Attention

The Temple management has the right to change or postpone your pooja date if the temple require the day for other functions. The temple management will contact you to notify the changes.The prices shown are depending on the current economy. The Temple Management has the right to change the prices accordingly.

An Important Notice

Devotees are strictly requested to book thelr pooja at Temple office. The Temple Management will not entertaln any request to do own pooja by appolnting the cooks of their choice. Only Temple appointed cooks will cook goat, fowl (seval) and vegetarlan pooja. Payment should be pald directly to the Temple office and kindly obtain the official receipt for your payment. Outstation devotes can transfer their payment into the Sri Muniswarar Temple Trust upon confirm their pooja date

Temple Bank Account


** Note: For any cancellations or change of pooja date the temple shall not refund the advance payment, unless you have any valid reason and that too for only once. Thank you.



Office : +604 390 1957

Mobile : +6018 2264 775